May 26, 2023 Announcement

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Runs Under Win-2000/Win-NT/Win-XP/Win-Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 (32 or 64 Bit Versions)

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Need More Detailed Information?....Click Here to Download the Complete ProLog-V8 Help File in PDF Format

Welcome to the ProLog Website.

Datamatrix has been in business since 1991 as a manufacturer of quality software platforms for Amateur Radio applications. Having consistently maintained a 4.8 out of 5 on the ProLog logging program has established itself as the premier product in this category of Amateur Radio software.

Complementing the ProLog Logger is our comprehensive QSL Route Manager Database, a voluminous reference for over 110,000 DX Stations and their managers. Also offered is our CallMaster callbook database containing the complete US and VE callbooks together with most of the DX callbooks from around the world. Couple the aforementioned databases with your ProLog Logging System and you have an unbeatable callsign reference library.

Our CallMaster database is the most comprehensive call sign reference available. Don't purchase a callbook CDROM product that does not provide monthly updates. When you purchase a callbook database you want to make sure that the information contained therein remains accurate from month-to-month. Your purchase of the CallMaster callbook product also includes  a six month access privilege to our FTP site where you may download the latest US/VE and DX address changes and additions. The merging of that update file will ensure that your CallMaster callbook database will always be accurate and up to date with the latest US/VE/DX address information.
See our "What's New" page for more information.

We at DataMatrix understand that product support after the sale is an important part of your purchase decision. DataMatrix is not an "After-Hours" business, it is operated on a full-time basis with comprehensive technical support available from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. MST, six days a week.

P易好用IP自动更换大师破解版-易好用IP自动更换大师下载 2.6 ...:2021-5-23 · IP自动更换大师是一款能够快速帮助用户更换电脑IP地址的软件,能够自动拨号、设置间隔自动更换IP等功能,适用于ADSL的家庭用户使用。其次,易好用IP自动更换大师适用于电信3G无线宽带自动换IP、路由器自动换IP、联通3G宽带自动换IP、重复IP or phone us at the technical support phone number listed below.

Ed, W5VP

Jack, N2JT

Nel, K5NEL



Contact Information
Tech Support and FAX -- 1-505-892-5669
Postal Address -- 5560 Jackson Loop NE -- Rio Rancho, NM 87144

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